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The Cattle Call

Curtis Ohlde

The Cattle Call Podcast, hosted by Curtis Ohlde will tell the story of America’s Pioneers in the Beef Cattle Industry past and current. Primarily focusing on those in Commercial Production and Seed-Stock Production, Curtis will go on a journey with podcast guest from the starting of the Ranch or Farm through the ups and downs to current operation status. In the United States Beef Cattle Production is relatively new compared to other parts of the world. Recording those 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation producers stories to share with others in our Industry and give light to those outside the Ag Community the hard work, struggles, the good and the bad that came along to get them to where they are today. The Cattle Call will start as a Bi-weekly podcast, in the event enough stories are banked the podcast may move to weekly. In addition as time goes the podcast may branch out into segments about the history of beef cattle production, beef breeds, stock shows that provide networking of ranchers and promotion, looking at the future of Beef Cattle Production Worldwide and other possible branches.